Logic Apps SQL Connector to detect record insertion and trigger workflow

Azure Logic Apps offer hundreds of connectors to provide quick access from Logic apps to events, data and actions across other apps, services, systems, protocols, and platforms.

Logic app work flow can be triggered when record is added/modified using SQL connector (this is not old school SQL trigger). let’s see how this can be implemented, I’m adding to another table in the same database but you get the idea..

Let’s get Started...

1) Go to Azure portal, create a new Azure Logic App and click logic app designer

2) In the search box, enter “SQL” as your filter. and pick When an item is created (V2).

3) Enter SQL connection details, Select Database and table, to watch for new records insertion.

4) logic app provides option to select how frequently to check for changes, I choose default.

5) Add next step to the logic app flow, select SQL Server and select Insert Row(V2) Action.

6) In the insert row step, add the SQL connection, enter database and destination table where data is inserted.

7) click ‘add new parameter’ and select columns you want to insert to destination table.

8) Go through each column  and select corresponding columns values from dynamic content (dynamic content populates all the values from trigger output, in our case inserted row data).

9) Save logic app workflow.

Our logic app is ready, when a new record is inserted in Users table the same record get inserted to Users2 table as well via Logic app workflow, Lets test the Logic app trigger and action.

Insert a sample record into Users table that logic app is monitoring.

Since my logic app is checking Users Table for changes every 3 mins, logic app workflow gets triggered within 3 mins.

record is inserted into Users2 table.

Logic Apps provided number of connectors out of the box for different types of triggers and actions, check Microsoft website for more details about connectors.

Logic Apps SQL Connector to detect changes and trigger workflow

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